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Industry Applications
Building Restoration / Mold Remediation
When dealing with mold remediation it is critical to treat all affected surfaces. Unfortunately, mold doesn't just grow on easy to reach surfaces, waiting for you to come and get it.

MaxSpray's technology allows sprayed treatments to completely cover complex shapes and penetrate into cracks and corners. Tests have shown that electrostatic technology allows the amount of chemicals to be cut in half, while still improving coverage 4-10 times over conventional sprayers.

building mold

MaxSpray's air-assisted electrostatic sprayers are available as a portable unit for spraying large, open areas; a back pack unit which gives you the ability to move in and out of rooms, around the exterior of houses or buildings; truck and ceiling mounted units; and custom-built spray cabinet units. Our engineers are experts in applying our technology to real-world needs, identifying approved and tested products, and offering comprehensive training in the use of MaxSpray's sprayers. Let us customize an electrostatic spraying solution for your specific applications. Email us.